Education - Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center

The National School of Applied Telehealth


provide an applied approach to telehealth education and technical assistance services to rural health care providers, facilities, and organizations in Georgia, South Carolina and Florida in order to streamline implementation and better utilize telehealth applications and technology in the region.

NSAT will be accomplished through Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth (GPT) utilizing the experience of their education arm to deliver standard, accredited telehealth education via their established online learning management system.

The National School of Applied TeleHealth will provide healthcare information and education for providers and consumers through the development of a virtual “School for Applied Telehealth”. This initiative is a collaboration with California Telemedicine and E-Health Center (CTEC).

Program Objectives

Assess what educational materials have been developed by CTEC, other TeleHealth Resource Centers, and The American Telemedicine Association.

  • Develop a standardized curriculum, delivery methods, and educational requirements for TeleHealth professionals.
  • Deliver standardized and accredited training and education for all levels of TeleHealth professionals via SETRC’s web-based education portal in the Southeast region and across the nation. GPT’s current web-based education program is accredited through IACET, the International Association of Continuing Ed and Training.
  • Evaluate outcomes of training and education programs through testing scores, online evaluations, staff performance evaluations, reduced turnover and increased patient satisfaction.

NSAT Certifications

The online NSAT TeleMedicine Presenter Certification courses will instruct on the essentials of TeleHealth and prepare individuals to become valuable members of a TeleMedicine Team.

The following Certifications will be offered:

  • Certified TeleMedicine Presenter
  • Certified TeleMedicine Coordinator
  • Certified TeleHealth Liaison

The Certified TeleMedicine Presenter course is designed so that its graduates will have the skills to correctly and confidently present patients during virtual encounters with physicians and a variety of specialists.

The Certified TeleMedicine Coordinator course is designed so that its graduates will have the skills to successfully implement, coordinate and manage a TeleHealth program.

The Certified TeleHealth Liaison Course is designed so that its graduates will have the TeleHealth skills and knowledge required to successfully serve as a leader, promoter and marketer in the TeleHealth industry.