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Benefits of Telehealth / Telemedicine?

TeleMedicine increases access to healthcare:

  • Rural patients can more easily obtain specialty services.
  • Rural patients can stay in their local communities and not travel long distances.
  • Rural hospitals can provide a variety of specialty services to include, stroke, trauma, and intensive care services.
  • Specialists and other healthcare providers are able to expand their “reach” through telemedicine.

TeleMedicine improves health outcomes:

  • Patients can be diagnosed and treated earlier which can contribute to improved outcomes and less costly treatments.
  • Patients with telemedicine supported ICU’s experience reduced mortality rates, reduced complications, and reduced hospital stays.

TeleMedicine reduces healthcare and other costs:

  • Specialists “team up” with local healthcare providers to improve disease management and improved disease management reduces complications and hospitalizations.
  • Nursing Home TeleMedicine reduces costly transports and unnecessary ED visits.
  • High cost patient transfers for stroke and other emergencies are reduced.
  • Home monitoring programs can reduce high cost hospital visits.
  • Transportation savings to patients who would otherwise need to commute to an urban location.
  • Missed work income savings to patients who would otherwise need to commute to an urban location.

TeleMedicine assists in addressing shortages of healthcare providers:

  • Specialists and other healthcare providers can serve patients in remote, underserved areas using telemedicine.
  • School based TeleHealth allows school nurses and other healthcare providers to serve more students at more locations.

TeleHealth supports clinical education programs:

  • Rural healthcare providers can more easily obtain continuing education.
  • Rural clinicians can more easily consult with specialists.