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7th Annual AL Telehealth Summit Agenda (click to download .pdf version)

  • Alabama Payer Panel; How Do I Get Paid?
  • Current and Future State of Telemedicine at UAB
  • The Legal Considerations of Telehealth Implementation
  • The Business Case for Telehealth – Where’s The ROI?
  • The Efficacy of Virtual Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • A School Based Telehealth Program:  An educational and technological intervention to improve self-management of asthma and decrease the overall asthma burden.
  • Making a difference with a Regional Tele-Stroke Program
  • Telemedicine & Medical Devices: Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Palliative Care Initiatives in Alabama
  • The Evolution of Telemedicine in the VA and the Implementation of New Models
  • Integrating Telehealth Technology to Strengthen Connections Between Academic and Practice Partners

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